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October 30, 2012
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one shot

Your POV.

you stepped out into the road, not seeing any cars and believing it was safe. you tried to quickly cross, as you were late for school...

"____, watch out, dude!!"

you turned your head to where the shout had come from. it was your friend, Alfred's, voice, and he sounded pretty urgent. he was behind you on the curb and hadn't crossed for some reason.

"what Alfre--?!"

you were cut off by a loud horn blaring. you turned your head and stopped in shock...

then the world turned black.

your eyes were open, but you couldnt see a thing. shouts could be heard and you could deftly feel something shaking your arm, but the pain shooting through you was too large and you passed out.


England's POV.

"Damn!!" Arthur glanced at the car clock and hit the steering wheel in frustration. he couldn't be late again, he just couldn't!! this time they would fire him for sure!!

he scanned the street ahead of him quickly: the light was green, there weren't any cars ahead of him and he couldn't see any pedestrians. he took his eyes off the road to reach for his cell phone. when he felt it in his hand he straightened again...

...just in time to see a young girl crossing in front of him.

he quickly slammed on the brakes and blared the horn, but it wasn't enough. he got out of the car, horrified and in disbelief. he knelt down beside the girl. "M-Miss...?!" he gently shook the pretty girls arm, but it didn't do anything. "M-Miss!!!" he looked around for someone, anyone... he spotted a boy running toward him with a look of terror on his face.

-----(short time skip)-----

she was rushed into the hospital on a stretcher, doctors on either side of her and trying to help her as quickly as possible. Arthur followed briskly behind; he had called work and explained the situation and they excused him for the day. the boy, however, could not get off as easily and went about his business. he had exchanged numbers with him to keep in touch and for reports on how the girl was coming along.

Arthur followed the stretcher as far as he could, being cut off by security when they wheeled her into a hospital room.

-----(another short time skip)-----

they had let him into the room. he was grateful. he had explained the situation to the doctors and they gave him the girls information. "_____ ______. born ____ of ________, ____. __ years old."

he looked into your resting face at your closed eyes and noted how peaceful you looked. he stroked your __(h/c)__ hair out of your face to reveal a reddening bandage on your head.

he flinched a little, upset that he had caused this. he clenched his fists in rage and anger toward himself. how could he be so stupid?! he let out a growl of anger before taking a deep breath. his furrowed brows softened when he looked back at you. your nose twitched and he smiled. he was so entranced by you... yet he didn't even know you.

-----(ANOTHER time skip)-----

Your POV.

you were in a dream. it had to be a dream, nothing about it had seemed real: getting hit by a car, a strange voice looming in and out of your consciousness and muttering comforting things... none of it seemed real whatsoever...

especially not the handsome blonde man curled up in a chair next to you.

you examined him from a distance with a curious eye, examining his features the best you could. he had cute thick eyebrows and shaggy blonde hair, he wore a green uniform and black boots. you looked into his face. it seemed so peaceful.

a thought suddenly struck you and wiped the smile from your face. was this the man who hit you..? that was the only thing you could come up with. you had never seen this man before in your life, and now hes here...

you sat foward slightly and instantly sat back again, moaning in pain through gritted teeth and clutching your side. you gasped a little at the pain that shot through your frame, as it quite literally took your breath away.

something moved.

you turned your head slightly to see the man stir. he then turned over and stretched, yawning. he looked away before looking at you.

you had been staring at him with wide eyes the entire time, afraid of what kind of person he would be. as you know from experience, looks aren't everything and certainly can be misleading. he looked like a nice man, handsome, nice build, perfectly crafted face, but you couldn't be sure... at least not yet.

his eyes met yours and he seemed a little startled. his eyes were green and seemed to cut throughout the harsh black of night and make contact with your _(e/c)_.

then he smiled. when he spoke his voice was soft and calm, heavy with fatigue. "'ello, ____."

your eyebrows raised. how did he know your name?! he stood and made his way to you as you attempted to keep a good distance between you. you flinched with your movement and cried out softly, closing your eyes tightly and holding your head.

you suddenly felt a warm hand on yours. "____, are you alright?!"

you blushed at the contact and his accent... was he British? you opened your eyes and looked at him. he looked worried, but he quickly put on a reassuring smile. it was soft and could easily melt any girl. you tried your best to stay a solid and gave a light smile. "y-yes... i-im alright, thank you..." he smiled wider and put a hand on your face, making you blush a little more.

you cleared your throat. "d-do I know you...?"

he seemed a little taken aback and removed his hand from your face. "o-oh do excuse me... my name is Arthur. Arthur Kirkland..." he gave a slight bow of his head. "ive been waiting here for you to wake up. do you remember what happened to you?"

you nodded slightly, but not enough to hurt your head again. "yes..." you started. "I was walking to school... then I heard a voice calling me, then a loud horn... I turned and saw a car coming toward me. then blackness. oh, and I heard a voice..." you looked at him curiously. "somewhat like yours..."

you could see his cheeks become brushed with pink. "u-uh well yes, that was me... as I said ive been waiting here for you to wake up... I suppose I got a tad bored and decided to talk to you." he chuckled.

you smiled. he was so cute... "Mr. Kirkland, I-"

"Arthur." he cut you off. "just Arthur, if you please."

you gave a nod. "right, Arthur. Arthur, I am grateful you have stayed with me... but it wasn't neccissary..."

he smiled with one side of his mouth. "but, love, it was."

you tilted your head to the side and furrowed your brow. "hmm? how so?"

what came next surprised you. he leaned foward and pressed his lips against yours. when he pulled back, you could see his face was redder than before. he was smiling, and you could see a hint of mystery behind his emerald eyes.

"why dear... I would never have fallen for you."
requested by Miss :iconanonymous-lizard:

please enjoy!!

any and all feedback would be nice~ :D
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ahaha I think any mother in their right mind would...

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